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Blizzard and Zimmerman, Attorneys and Counselors at Law proudly announce Associate Attorney Sarah Durham has been named as the firms first female Partner. With her exceptional dedication and exemplary leadership in spearheading the Post-Conviction Division, Durham’s elevation recognizes her invaluable contributions and commitment to the firm’s success.

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Sarah Durham – New Partner

Joining Blizzard and Zimmerman in 2020, Durham emerged as an invaluable asset to the firm, demonstrating an unwavering dedication to the pursuit of justice and an unparalleled level of expertise in post-conviction matters. As the head of the Post-Conviction Division, Durham has navigated the complexities of post-conviction matters including the latest changes in federal sentencing law in Amendment 821. Her strategic approach has led to numerous successful outcomes, earning her the admiration and respect of colleagues and clients alike.

“We are thrilled to announce Sarah Durham’s elevation to Partner at Blizzard and Zimmerman. Her outstanding contributions and leadership within our firm, particularly in post-conviction law for both Texas state and federal cases, exemplify the qualities that define our commitment to excellence and client advocacy,” said attorney Jacob Blizzard, Managing Partner at Blizzard and Zimmerman.

With her promotion to Partner, Sarah Durham will continue to drive the firm’s mission of delivering unparalleled legal representation while fostering an environment of integrity, dedication, and client-centered service.

About Blizzard and Zimmerman, Attorneys and Counselors at Law:

Blizzard and Zimmerman, Attorneys and Counselors at Law established in 2016, is an Abilene, Texas based law firm dedicated to providing comprehensive legal solutions in various areas of practice, including Texas state and federal criminal defense and appeals, civil litigation, family law, and probate. The firm serves clients across Texas for state cases, and across the country for federal criminal cases and appeals. Committed to delivering exceptional representation and personalized service, the firm’s team of attorneys is renowned for its unwavering commitment to achieving favorable outcomes for its clients.

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