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Divorce is a complex and emotional chapter in anyone’s life. It demands finesse, understanding, and above all, a compassionate legal guiding hand. At Blizzard and Zimmerman, we provide just that—a refined blend of legal prowess and empathetic support to help you through every step.

Our family law division, led by nationally recognized attorney Matt Zimmerman, offers a sanctuary of legal experience in these challenging times. With a rich background in both criminal law and experience that’s been tested in the courtroom, Matt Zimmerman brings a wealth of knowledge to his clients. Complemented by an MBA, his unique approach is tailored to secure your interests with the utmost proficiency. When searching for a divorce attorney in Abilene, TX, remember that Matt’s courtroom experience in divorce litigation is unparalleled.

Navigate Your Divorce with Understanding and Professionalism

Blizzard and Zimmerman Attorneys are skilled at navigating the legal intricacies of marital dissolution, especially when protecting your assets or untangling complex family ties. Understanding that every client’s story is unique, we ensure personalized counsel that resonates with your needs and paves the way for a hopeful future.

Real Experiences, Real Feedback

Our dedication shines through not just in our practice, but in the lives we’ve touched:

“Matt Zimmerman and his team will go to work for you! His paralegal, was amazing at digging up all needed info and documents. They were very thorough, stayed ahead of communication, and offered great advice and guidance. A great team to hire if you are in need of legal services!”

And another voice adds:
“The team at Blizzard & Zimmerman are fantastic—they made everything a lot better.”

We work tirelessly to help you reach the most favorable options possible in terms of asset division, child custody, and alimony.

Our comprehensive one-on one consultations, which are legal strategy sessions with our attorneys,  go over your case in detail with empathy and understanding. We will discuss all the relevant issues of your case and outline your available legal options.

Blizzard and Zimmerman Attorneys pride ourselves on aggressively representing the best interests of our clients.

Our family law attorneys and staff work relentlessly to limit the stress, fear, uncertainty, and financial difficulties that typically accompany divorce cases here in Texas.

Let us carry some of the burdens throughout this stressful time in your life.

Unlock personalized legal strategies and gain peace of mind with Blizzard & Zimmerman’s committed attorneys. Schedule your confidential, no-obligation case evaluation today and experience the difference of our hands-on approach. No gatekeepers – you’ll have a direct, real conversation with our legal experts.

Benefits of Choosing Blizzard & Zimmerman:

  • Direct Attention: Enjoy a genuine one-hour discussion, not just a legal screening.
  • Financial Clarity: Receive professional analysis on how child support and alimony could affect your finances.
  • Fair Division: Understand property and debt division with clear, actionable advice.
  • Hidden Asset Investigation: Benefit from our resources to uncover any concealed finances.
  • Family-Focused Custody Plans: Collaborate to craft child custody and visitation plans that prioritize your family’s well-being.
  • Equitable Treatment: Be confident in obtaining a fair and just outcome.
  • End-to-End Support: Count on our steadfast presence at every step of your legal journey.

Our Pledge:

We promise a transparent, jargon-free experience, ensuring you’re fully informed and comfortable throughout the legal process.

The path to a new beginning is paved with critical choices and timely actions. Don’t walk it alone. When the stakes are high, our team stands ready to assist with comprehensive legal expertise that safeguards your peace of mind. If you’re grappling with the decision to divorce or require strategic legal advice during the process, reach out to us. By choosing Blizzard and Zimmerman, you’re not just hiring an attorney; you’re enlisting a team committed to your cause.

There are Seven Grounds for Divorce in Texas:

  • Insupportability
  • Adultery
  • Cruelty
  • Abandonment
  • Living Separately
  • Felony Conviction
  • Confinement in a Mental Facility

Experienced & Compassionate Divorce Attorneys in Abilene, TX

We help you handle a variety of issues:

  • Child Custody
  • Joint Custody
  • Temporary Custody
  • Regaining Custody
  • Winning Custody Back From Grandparents
  • Grandparent’s Rights
  • Child Custody Modification
  • Appeals
  • Arbitration
  • Parental Alienation Syndrome
  • Father’s Rights
  • Men’s Rights
  • Domestic Partnership
  • Legal Separation
  • Dissolution of Marriage
  • Palimony
  • Alimony
  • Felony Charges and Child Custody
  • Family Mediation
  • Change beneficiary designations after Divorce
  • Restraining Orders and Protective Orders

Benefits of Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

At our initial consultation, you will speak directly with an attorney, not a staff member or law clerk to learn more about you and your case.

Consider a few of the important advantages you receive when you do hire an attorney:

  • Legal Knowledge: Navigating the court system can be extremely difficult, especially when it’s filled with confusing legal jargon. An expert  lawyer from Blizzard and Zimmerman Attorneys will be capable of properly guiding you through each step in the process, so you will be fully aware of every aspect. We will break each aspect down in a way that will be easily understandable, so you can make an informed decision when debating how you’d like to proceed. Due to our years of experience, we have worked on many cases that will help us to provide you with numerous suggestions that you maybe weren’t even aware existed and will be beneficial for your case.
  • Paperwork: Family law, specifically divorces, can include an avalanche of necessary documents and forms that must be properly filled out. There are timelines and deadlines. While it may be confusing knowing which paperwork is applicable to your situation, our legal team can help advise you of exactly which forms you need. Judges use these resources as a large factor in assessing your case and ruling in an outcome. That being said, just having simple errors can project a sense of carelessness on your end, which may not put you in the best light before the Court. Save yourself the hassle and contact an Abilene divorce lawyer at Blizzard and Zimmerman Attorneys to help ensure each piece of paperwork is correctly completed.
  • Focus: Hiring a divorce lawyer will help you sift through the strong emotions you may be feeling throughout this process. We pride ourselves on guiding you to rational decision-making. Communication with your soon-to-be ex-spouse may not even seem possible at this point, which is why having a lawyer involved is beneficial. We can act as a buffer between the two of you, to create the best outcome possible for you and your family. We will help to keep your case strong and will work diligently to resolve the difficult issues surrounding your situation.

We want you to receive the best legal advice possible, so you can quickly get back to a life of freedom and back to normal.

Give the experienced attorneys at Blizzard and Zimmerman Attorneys a call today to schedule a no-obligation confidential case evaluation with one of our Abilene law firm attorneys.

We are proud to serve clients across the Abilene area regarding divorce and family law matters, including contested divorce, uncontested divorce, collaborative divorce, child custody, grandparent custody and allocation of parental responsibilities, child support, visitation, and parenting time.

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