Limited Guardianship

Here in Texas Guardianship can be used in several ways to allow a person to make personal decisions on behalf of another person. Decisions on medical treatment, travel, where to live, divorce, and other non-financial rights.

There are four types of Guardianship here in Texas and the family law attorneys of Blizzard and Zimmerman stand ready to help.

  • Guardian of the Person (full or limited)
  • Guardian of the Estate (full or limited)
  • Guardian of the Person and the Estate
  • Temporary Guardianship

What Is Adult Guardianship?

Adult guardianship is an arrangement that is established by a court between two people (typically) — a guardian and a ward. The ward is an adult who needs help managing their personal or financial affairs. A court-appointed guardianship is usually established because the ward is mentally incompetent or unable to communicate, and not capable of managing their own affairs without assistance.

What about Guardianship of a Child?

If you are a grandparent, aunt, uncle, or another concerned relative or have a relationship with a child in Texas, you may have pondered how you could become a more permanent part of that child’s life. For example grandparents who want to become guardians of their grandchildren. These types of cases happen for a variety of reasons, with many dealing with drug and criminal charges against a child’s parents and the grandparent’s concerns for the kids.

The duties and powers and duties on which of the four types of guardianships has been established under Texas guardianship law .

Who can’t be a Guardian under Texas Law?

  • A person under the age of 18
  • A person who is incapacitated themselves
  • A person who is indebted to the ward
  • A person who is involved in a property dispute with the ward or involved in a contract dispute with the ward
  • Persons convicted of certain types of crimes, such as sex offenses
  • Someone who the court finds otherwise unsuitable

Texas courts have considerable discretion in accepting or rejecting guardianship applications.

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