Civil Law Abilene TX

Civil Attorneys

Do you know what a civil attorney practicing civil law does? They’re a lawyer who doesn’t handle criminal cases. Instead, they focus on helping people and businesses with legal problems that don’t involve crimes.

What Do Civil Attorneys Do?

Here are some of the things civil attorneys at Blizzard and Zimmerman Attorneys do:

Family Law: They deal with stuff like divorces, figuring out where kids should live, and helping with adoptions.

Estate Planning and Probate: They help families with wills, trusts, and dividing up stuff when someone dies.

Contract Law: They write, read, and solve problems with contracts between people.

Business and Commercial Law: They give advice to companies about the law, like how to set up a new business or protect their ideas.

Personal Injury: They handle cases in fatality accidents.

The civil attorney’s job is to make sure people’s rights are protected and to help fix problems in a fair way. Sometimes they do this by talking to the other side and trying to make a deal, and other times they have to go to court to argue their case. Attorney Matt Zimmerman has extensive jury trial experience as well and brings unique skills to our civil cases.

So, if you ever need legal help for a non-criminal problem, the civil lawyers here at Blizzard and Zimmerman Attorneys are here to help, call us today.