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Child Custody and Divorce can be an emotional experience not only for both parents but for the kids as well.

It’s important to work out child custody correctly because both you and your ex-partner want the best for the children.

Getting a child custody lawyer involved can result in an exploration of all your custody options in a neutral setting.

When you work with an attorney to handle child custody, you can gain the experience of a lawyer who can work hard on your behalf to gain the desired results.

Legal custody can only be created by a Texas court order. Without a court order, there is nothing for a judge to enforce. Each parent is free to take the child at any time.

A conservator is a person with court-ordered custody of a child.

Here in Texas, the courts divide child custody issues into various categories.

These categories include:

  • Managing conservatorship
    • Sole Managing Conservatorship
    • Joint Managing Conservatorship
    • Possessory Conservatorship

Conservatorship involves the rights and duties of the parents. These can include the power to make decisions for the child about their schools, medical care, and other items.

In Texas law, under the Texas Family Code, it is presumed that the parents should both be named joint managing conservators.

The right to choose the primary residence of the child is one of the most hotly contested items in divorce cases where minor children are involved.

Judges have to consider evidence of family violence when making decisions about custody and visitation as well.

Here at Blizzard & Zimmerman Attorneys, we believe that caring and communication matter, especially when it comes to child custody cases.

Child’s Preference

Children of the ages of 12 to 18 are treated differently by the court in asking that they be allowed to be taken care of by a specific parent.

In that age range, a parent may request the child be interviewed by the judge regarding their preference before a custody determination is made by the court.

A child can only make a decision to choose between parents at the age of 18 when they become an adult.

We know this is more than a case to you.

The results of what we do can alter your life.

They can alter your children’s lives.

We will communicate with you during the entire case and make sure there is strong communication between all parties involved, offering patience and compassion along the way.

We also offer full-service family law attorney legal services at our law firm.

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