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For lawyers, good client communication means setting expectations from the start.
Being legal guru’s lawyers love to have everything in writing.
This means that the contract for services or representation agreement will outline lawyer communication basics.
Often the lawyer will ask you to agree to keep any contact information up to date and send them information upon request.
While the lawyer’s communication with you is completely guided by rules and regulations the contract is all the lawyer has to ensure you will continue to communicate in kind.
Phone calls and email can be expected but are not the only forms of communication.
Don’t be surprised if one of the firm’s attorneys or legal assistants shoots you a text, leaves a message on an online website portal, or sends out a notice snail mail.
Bills and notices may come by way of both electronic and paper copy format.
According to a major legal marketing resource for attorneys “2018 Legal Trends Report”, law firms don’t communicate with clients in the way that clients expect, 55% of consumers want information regarding their case in person while only 2% of lawyers believed that to be the case.
While this trend is concerning, it is something to think about when deciding whether to hire an attorney with an office in close proximity or far away in another city.
Local firms tend to do more face to face where an attorney from a far away place out of town.

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