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You’ve hired an attorney and you may be asking yourself “How do I work with my Attorney?”

Once you have decided on an attorney, met with them, and signed a retainer to get them to work on your case you need to know there are several steps you can follow to help your attorney work for you.

You will also likely find greater satisfaction in the quality of legal services that they are providing.

Here are some tips:

  • Be honest with your attorney; tell the truth. You can’t expect a lawyer to give you good legal advice if the information you provide is faulty.
  • Tell your attorney all the facts relevant to the situation, even if it doesn’t appear to be in your favor.
  • Understand that your lawyer has a duty to keep whatever you say to them confidential. Feel as free to talk over matters with your attorney as you would with your religious minister or your doctor. There are, of course, limits to confidentiality, such as the expressed intent to commit a crime.
  • Have your lawyer analyze your case.
  • Have them give you both the positive and the negative aspects.
  • Take your lawyer’s advice; it isn’t given off-the-cuff.
  • Don’t waste your money or your lawyer’s time if you don’t have confidence in their knowledge and skills.
  • Don’t expect your attorney to give a simple answer to a complex question. Most legal problems cannot be explained simply. Ask questions, if you have them, you may need help in understanding the technical language contained in wills, contracts, leases, etc. Don’t however, challenge your lawyer over every sentence on the page.
  • Keep your lawyer fully informed on any new developments that might affect your case.
  • Follow through on what you agree to do in a timely manner.
  • Don’t badger your lawyer. Respect your attorney’s time. Avoid phoning repeatedly about petty matters.
  • When you arrange an appointment, keep it. Remember a lawyer has other clients who require attention too.
  • Here at Blizzard and Zimmerman Attorneys, your main contact will be your lawyer’s legal assistant or paralegal who is assigned to your case
  • Keep in mind responses to your inquiries might not occur as quickly as you’d like if your attorney is busy.
  • Blizzard and Zimmerman Attorneys strive to continually inform you about the progress of your lawsuit or legal problem. Make sure to ask your lawyer to keep you informed. Remember that you have retained them to work for you.
  • Expect delays and/or date changes. Court calendars do change frequently for a variety of reasons.
  • Let your lawyer know if you are going to be unavailable (vacations, trips, etc.) Court schedules can and do change rapidly.
  • Be skeptical of attorneys promising certain results. Airtight cases just don’t exist.
  • Request copies of all letters and documents prepared on your behalf.
  • Don’t sign any document or paper until you understand what you are signing. Ask questions
  • Pay your bills.

Be aware that if you don’t cooperate with your attorney, you could face a withdrawal of counsel, a withdrawal of their representation.

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