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When you look at hiring an attorney you may have to pay for a legal consultation, it’s always good to know if you’re getting your money’s worth.

When you are paying for a consultation with an attorney, you should receive legal advice and information related to your case. You would not receive legal advice information in a consultation with a law clerk or legal office staff.

Communicating the Fee

Some attorneys will credit the money spent on the consultation toward the representation fee.

It’s always a good idea to inquire if the consultation fee will be credited toward work on the case.

Under the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct (the rules), rule 1.04f(c) unless you’re a regular client, meaning by existing agreement or evergreen retainer that replenishes overtime, the amount of the fee must be communicated within a reasonable time from the start.

This means you can count on most lawyers addressing the cost of representation during the consultation.

The Pitch

Salesmanship will determine exactly when your prospective lawyer decides to talk about the cost of representation.

However, the initial consult is the chosen battleground to get down to brass tacks in most cases.

However, there are exceptional circumstances and when to talk about money is not set in stone.

The rules governing lawyers are flexible to allow maneuvers across a wide range of situations to best assist those seeking legal services.

If an attorney does decide to begin work before obtaining a fee agreement, then you should not assume they are doing the work for free.

In fact, when accepting services, you should assume payment will be owed in due course. You can bet it won’t be long before they present one to you.

Next, we’ll look at how much you may have to pay.

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