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The murder conviction reversal in the Clinton Young case out of Midland County, Texas offers hope to loved ones of those incarcerated in state Prisons. It also offers hope to over 300 people who were convicted of criminal charges in Midland County over the last 20 years.

Clinton Young

The September 2021 Texas Court of Criminal appeals action which vacated his conviction and death sentence, in this case, has some broad implications for those who have been convicted in Midland County.

It also has implications for ANYONE seeking freedom from Texas prisons using the 11.07 writ of habeas corpus process.

August 19, 2022 UPDATE: Second County Indicts Clinton Young for 2001 Murder after first verdict vacated.

January 21, 2022 UPDATE: Clinton Young is released on $150,000 Bond from the Midland County Jail after his bond was crowdfunded.

In the Clinton Young case, a series of legal actions, along with an investigation into financial records by the Midland County District Attorney, revealed a serious problem.

The problem was that there were problems of misconduct not only with Young’s prosecution and murder conviction that resulted in him being on Death Row but his case spurred an investigation which also revealed problems in cases of over 300 other individuals who were convicted in Midland County since 2001.

Those people who have been convicted have been notified by the Midland County District Attorneys’ office of the circumstances surrounding their convictions.

The full text of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals opinion issued on September 22, 2021, is here.

If you are a person who had been convicted in Midland County or know of anyone who was affected we do suggest that you seek legal counsel to review your case.

In Young’s case, this shows that there is always hope for freedom from prison for your loved one as this action came after a number of writs were filed in his case.

Learn More About the Clinton Young Case and Seeking Freedom from Prison

Here are a series of videos Board Certified criminal defense and criminal appeal attorney Jacob Blizzard has done on the Clinton Young case.

In the first video he looks at how Young’s case winning 11.07 Writ of Habeas Corpus out of Midland County could mean freedom for your loved one.

In the other two videos he looks at persistence and the grounds you need to use in the 11.07 Writ of Habeas Corpus.

If you have any questions please join and post in our Facebook Group: Winning Freedom for the Incarcerated – Texas. Here attorneys and loved ones of the imprisoned discuss appeals and the post conviction writ process used to free loved ones from incarceration:

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This course is a comprehensive guide to the legal writ of habeas corpus to seek freedom for your loved one in Texas.


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