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Dax Pueschel is an attorney and counselor at law with Blizzard & Zimmerman Law Firm and has a passion to help those in recovery.

He has created a Facebook Group called Big Country Addiction Recovery and Redemption Resources for those in the greater Abilene area—be it from Coleman to Knox City or Jayton to Throckmorton – who struggle and need direction for help.

He designed the group to gather as many community resources in one place as possible.

Join the group her: https://www.facebook.com/groups/redeemingaddiction

People can stop in virtually, find a resource on their need or topic of interest, and then locate the local non-profit, business, agency, individual, group, or other entity which can provide practical services in response to that person’s need.

Dax and the Blizzard & Zimmerman law firm’s goal is to link up the people in need with the people who provide direct services right here in the Abilene area and the Big Country.

This group is unlike other addiction groups.

It’s not a place to come to vent or stay for help.

It is meant to help people find other people in their immediate area who can meet their needs.

Further, Dax doesn’t believe the group is just for those with drug or alcohol problems, gambling addiction, codependency, eating disorders, or a laundry list of other issues—but is rather for all of us.

The group is a quick retreat into the inner self to stop, ponder, and evaluate what change needs to happen in our lives.

Whether you are:

  • Dealing with childhood trauma.
  • Stuck in the CPS system because of non-compliance.
  • Need encouragement.
  • Are seeking accountability.
  • Want to be a better parent.
  • Or are just looking for the best version of yourself – this group is meant to push and propel you in the right direction.

Dax will continually update the group as more community relationships are established, local resources come available, and helpful content arises.

At Blizzard & Zimmerman, we believe people matter, stories matter, and we are all worthy of love, compassion, & help.

We love this project, hope it encourages you or a loved one, & that the content ministers to your heart so you can overcome bondage & become the person you want to be.

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