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Congratulations to associate attorney Sarah Durham, who handles criminal law cases, for attaining membership in the Texas Bar College for meeting continuing legal education requirements.

Sarah Durham Texas Bar College

The Texas Bar College is an honorary professional society of legal scholars who are leaders in the Texas legal community and champions of legal education.

Members are committed to high ethical standards and improved training for all legal professionals. It was established by the Texas Supreme Court in 1981.

According to the Texas Bar College, its purpose is to:

  1. Recognize and encourage lawyers, paralegals, and judges who maintain and enhance their professional skills and the quality of their service to the public by significant voluntary participation in legal education;
  2. Promote among members of the State Bar and the general public the educational and public purposes of the College and its members;
  3. Recognize and encourage outstanding service to the legal profession and the public; and
  4. Sponsor or otherwise assist in educational activities of significant merit and widespread relevance and applicability to the legal profession.

Membership rules require 80 hours of continuing legal education (CLE) over a three-year span or 45 hours in a single year, with 30 hours of continuing legal education being required each year to maintain membership.

For more information: Texas Bar College

About The Attorney

Attorney Sarah Durham’s practice focuses on appellate advocacy. She is passionate about the research and writing intrinsic to appellate and post-conviction writ work. She frequently uses her skills, including attention to detail and presenting the complex as comprehensible, when advocating for her clients. On a given week, she may write a brief to one of the fourteen intermediate courts of appeals throughout Texas or submit a petition for discretionary review to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. Sarah also focuses on and can often be found working on post-conviction writs of habeas corpus, including 11.07; new evidence; and other extraordinary writs for post-conviction relief.

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