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Brady Evidence is one of the most important tools at your disposal of proving yourself innocent (or getting a reduced sentence) after you’ve already been sent to prison.

Introduction to Brady Material

Brady Material is material (or evidence) that is favorable to the defense in some way. In other words, it’s exculpatory, which is evidence tending to show you’re not guilty or at least evidence that would mitigate your punishment.

You may be wondering why this evidence is referred to as “Brady Evidence”.

It’s called this because there’s a Brady vs. Maryland case that sent the fact out that there is a constitutional obligation for the state or the government to turn over favorable material to you without request, and it goes not just to the prosecutor but also to the police and any of the state agents acting in your case.

Because of this, if someone found an inconsistent statement, gathered a piece of evidence, or knew some fact which they did not disclose to you which would have been exculpatory or mitigating to your case, then you could be entitled to relief because of that failure to disclose the evidence.

Discovering the Evidence

How do you discover this evidence?

Well, here at our office we do it through public information requests.

We obtain the files from the DA’s office and the defense attorney’s file. Then we do a comparison after the fact to see what there is in the state’s file that we don’t see in the defense file because sometimes things are withheld.

We also go to the state agencies that would’ve been involved whether that’s:

  • The TexasDepartment of Public Safety
  • Sheriff’s office, police departments
  • CPS (Child Protective Services)
  • Whoever it may have been that was involved in the case.

We try to elicit that material that may have been gathered by the police that wasn’t forwarded on to the District Attorney’s office because if you can find evidence in the police files that weren’t in the District Attorney’s files, they still were obligated to produce that to you and that could be an avenue for release.

To recap, the way to do it is to get the defense file, get the state file, compare those, get the police file, look at that and then see what differences you see between the evidence.

It is also useful to talk to all of the people again.

This includes all of the witnesses involved in the case and the potential victims in the case.

You can see what other statements they may have made because it’s those inconsistent statements and other interviews that may have been previously undisclosed and therefore may be a good source of Brady Material for you in your case.

About The Attorney

Jacob Blizzard Criminal Defense Attorney

Jacob Blizzard is board certified in both criminal law and criminal appellate law.

He regularly practices in the areas of state and federal criminal defense, criminal appeals, post conviction writs of habeas corpus.

In Texas, there are more than 100,000 attorneys licensed to practice, but only 7,450 are board certified.

In the entire State of Texas, as of the 2019 certification year, there were only 87 attorneys board certified in both criminal law and criminal appellate law, making Mr. Blizzard one of 0.087% of attorneys in Texas to hold both of those certifications.

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