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So you’ve been accused and convicted of a crime, and your case is on an appeal and you’re about to stand trial.

If you’ve been charged with a federal crime, you’re probably wondering what kind of sentence you’re facing. The truth is, the vast majority of federal criminal defendants plead guilty- in fact, about 94 percent of them do. Of the remaining individuals who go to trial, about 75 percent are convicted. That means that there’s only about a 3 percent chance that you’ll be found not guilty if you go to trial.

No matter what the case is, you need to act now with as much of your resources and efforts as possible.

There are lots of people who are years and years down the road from bad things that have already happened to them.

But, if they only would have invested the time, money, and resources into defending themselves in the trial, or in their appeal, or in their post-conviction early on in the process, they might have gotten out of prison.

When you fail to give a full hard effort and give your everything into it, and then you lose at trial or on appeal, everything becomes harder after that.

Unfortunately, the more time you spend in prison the harder it is to get out, so it’s critical to pour every last bit of time and resources that you’ve got into defending yourself and trying to free yourself from prison.

For instance, if you’re standing trial for a serious felony, you have two options:

    • First, you can spend your last dime to escape that situation and get out of a criminal accusation.
    • Or, you can choose not to spend the time, money, or take it seriously enough to defend yourself with everything you have, and because of this you will eventually be convicted and sent to prison.

Unfortunately, you may be sent to prison for a large amount of time, and then from then on, you’re facing this uphill battle where you are trying to get out. Fact is, the longer you wait, the tougher it gets.

The worst thing in your life is that you spent a ton of money, and a couple of years in prison, and you got out and everything was okay.

But the other worst thing in your life that can happen is that you spend a very long time in prison.

So the whole purpose of this article is to let you know that the best time to act is now.

The time to defend and free yourself is now. You have to act with so much vigilance, as everything in your life depends on it, and that you are going to lose your entire life if you don’t give it everything that you’ve got.

If your loved one is in prison, think of it like they’re going to spend the rest of that time in prison if you don’t act now.

You need to act with all of your time and resources. Develop a plan, either doing it yourself or hiring an attorney that’s going to do the best job to get you freedom from prison.

About The Attorney

Jacob Blizzard Criminal Defense Attorney

Jacob Blizzard is board certified in both criminal law and criminal appellate law.

He regularly practices in the areas of state and federal criminal defense, criminal appeals, post conviction writs of habeas corpus.

In Texas, there are more than 100,000 attorneys licensed to practice, but only 7,450 are board certified.

In the entire State of Texas, as of the 2019 certification year, there were only 87 attorneys board certified in both criminal law and criminal appellate law, making Mr. Blizzard one of 0.087% of attorneys in Texas to hold both of those certifications.

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