RESULTS: Supervision Continued

Client came to us with a Motion to Adjudicate/Revoke her probation because she failed to keep her alcohol monitoring device in compliance.

Our criminal defense attorney quickly developed a plan for the client to address the non-compliance, made contact with the probation department to get the client in good standing, & coordinated with the client to self-surrender on the probation violation warrant so the matter could be addressed ASAP.

The client and our criminal defense attorney met regularly at the jail while our criminal defense attorney diligently negotiated with the DA’s Office to resolve the matter.

The client was continued on deferred probation—meaning no conviction—and given additional conditions targeted explicitly at the root issues which led to her probation violation.

Defense work is usually not about loophole litigation, but rather advocating for the client’s needs and ensuring the government has afforded the client reasonably tailored opportunities to succeed while simultaneously protecting the community.

After all, probation isn’t really about punishment, it’s about progress & rehabilitation.

The case closed in 33 days with three (3) jail visits with the client.

– February 2022[/column]


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