Man's Paternity Established
RESULTS: Father’s Paternity Not Listed Properly on Birth Certificate

In a complex paternity dispute, Attorney Matt Zimmerman once again demonstrated the significance of experienced legal representation. The case began when our Client, who had separated from his wife after only six months of marriage, was informed that she was pregnant. Despite his efforts to manage the divorce process using an online service, the Client faced a significant legal hurdle when he learned that another man was listed as the father on the child’s birth certificate.

Key Details

The Client contacted Mr. Zimmerman with concerns about the child’s paternity, as Texas law presumes the father listed on the birth certificate to be the biological father, making it a challenging situation to dispute outside of court.

Legal Strategy

Attorney Zimmerman swiftly requested a DNA test to accurately determine paternity. This strategic move eliminated the need for a formal hearing, saving both time and money for all parties involved.

DNA Results: The results confirmed the Client was indeed the child’s biological father, allowing Attorney Zimmerman to take the necessary steps to amend the birth certificate.

Positive Outcome

Once paternity was established, Mr. Zimmerman efficiently negotiated visitation rights consistent with the child’s age. Understanding the preferences of the presiding judge, Mr. Zimmerman successfully resolved the matter without requiring a hearing, by submitting the appropriate paperwork electronically to the Court. This streamlined approach further saved the client’s legal and financial resources.


Legal Recognition- The client’s parental rights are now legally recognized and protected.
Financial Savings- The efficient handling of the case conserved the client’s financial resources.
Family Stability- The client can now establish a meaningful relationship with his child under the protection of the law, fostering a stable family environment.
Precedent Setting- This case underscores the importance of timely legal intervention and sets a precedent for similar disputes, showcasing the value of experienced legal counsel.

This legal victory not only brought immense relief to our Client but also highlighted the critical role of effective legal representation in complex family law matters. Attorney Matt Zimmerman’s adept handling of the case resulted in a fair and favorable outcome that benefited all parties involved. If you or someone you know is facing a similar legal challenge, remember that experienced guidance from a seasoned attorney can make all the difference.

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