Man's Paternity Established

RESULTS: Father’s Paternity Not Listed Properly on Birth Certificate

Paternity disputes can arise for various reasons and this case handled by Attorney Matt Zimmerman shows the importance of having expert representation.

The Client, separated from his wife after only 6 months of marriage, but soon after separation, she notified him that she was pregnant.

The Client spent his money on an online service to help him prepare his petition for divorce, which he filed soon after the child was born, but he needed much more than a document to file.

When the wife hired her own counsel, the Client contacted Mr. Zimmerman and in their first conference, he expressed concerns that the child might not even be his, because his wife allowed another man to put his name on the birth certificate which is unusual.

Texas law says the father listed on the birth certificate is presumed to be the father, and no one can question that fact except for in a court case that is brought soon after the birth of the child. Attorney Zimmerman was able to request a DNA test and to coordinate that with the parties so that no formal hearing was required, which saved everyone time and money.

The results of the test confirmed the baby was the Client’s – he was very excited to learn this but equally excited to know that the birth certificate could be changed to reflect the true paternity of the child.

After paternity was determined, Mr. Zimmerman was able to negotiate visitation consistent with the child’s age, because he understands the preferences of the judge, and was again able to resolve this matter without a hearing by submitting the appropriate paperwork electronically to the Court.

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