Undermining Parental Rights

RESULTS: Undermining Parental Rights?

Facing allegations from her son’s father, a recent client turned to Attorney Matt Zimmerman for help.

With primary custody of her son and plans to relocate to the Dallas metroplex, her ex-partner raised concerns that she was attempting to undermine his parental rights.

Zimmerman was able to demonstrate in court that the mother was acting within the bounds of the existing custody order.

He effectively protected her from accusations of parental alienation, ensuring her right to make decisions about her son’s residency and associated rights.

Additionally, he secured her entitlement to child support, vital for the well-being of the child.

Ultimately, the client decided against the move, choosing to stay in Abilene.

Her decision, backed by Attorney Zimmerman’s expertise, showcased her commitment to her role as a mother and her determination to safeguard her child’s best interests.

-July 2023

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