Grandparents Custody Case

RESULTS: Child Custody Dispute with Parents

My clients were grandparents of a child whose mother and stepfather were starving the child.

They were scapegoating him for all of the misbehaviors of his siblings.

Texas Child Protective Services (CPS) were somewhat involved, but for the most part, the misdeeds of the parents went unnoticed – until the day the child showed up at school with a handprint bruise across his face.

Then it was clear the child needed to be removed from the home.

The grandparents in Texas were glad to step up and take the child into their care.

However, after about 6 months the mother asked for her child back and the grandparents swore they would never let that happen.

They hired me and sought termination of the parent’s rights. I got the grandparents awarded temporary custody while the case was pending, and after about a year we went to trial to see if the judge would terminate parental rights.

The trouble, in this case, was the lack of evidence and the willingness of the parents to testify falsely in court.

The judge had trouble seeing through the evidence – he ordered that we had not met our burden of proof to terminate, however, he nonetheless saw it was in the child’s best interest to stay in the grandparent’s custody – and that is where he remains today.

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