Matt Zimmerman Child Custody Dispute

In this child custody case, my client, the father of two children, was paying child support and seeing his kids every other weekend after his divorce.

However, one day he was distraught when he had his children tested for methamphetamine on the advice of his ex-wife’s former boyfriend who had seen drugs in her house.

The children tested positive for meth, and the father did not know what to do, but he came and hired me and I took charge.

I filed a Petition for Modification and attached an affidavit showing the present circumstances (the children with their mother) had caused substantial impairment of the children’s physical health and emotional wellbeing.

The court granted the extraordinary relief requested, ordering that the mother have no contact with the children until a hearing could be had.

At the hearing the father was appointed temporary sole managing conservator and the mother basically had all of her rights stripped – and rightfully so.

We did not have to try this case at a final hearing, the mother was caught doing several ill-advised activities, and she was forced to agree to supervised visits until she could complete a rehabilitation program.

In addition to getting my client his kids and terminating his child support payments, I was also able to work a deal that required the mother to pay for my client’s attorney’s fees.

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