RESULTS: No DWI Conviction First Offense

We wanted to share a recent success story from our skilled criminal defense team. A former United States service member faced her first Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) charge, with an additional complication—refusal to provide a blood or breath specimen.

Case Overview

Our criminal law board certified criminal defense attorney took immediate, strategic action. Through multiple in-depth meetings with our client, our specilist meticulously reviewed police video footage and police reports to build a robust defense.


Through tireless efforts and a comprehensive defense strategy, our attorney secured the offer our client was seeking. The results speak volumes:

  • No DWI Conviction: Our client avoided a DWI conviction.
  • Probation with Reduced Terms: Her interlock device compliance and progress significantly reduced her probation period.
  • No Conviction on Record: Most importantly, she completed her probation WITHOUT A CONVICTION.


Personal Life and Career

This legal win allowed our client to avoid a conviction that could have severely impacted her future career prospects and personal life. Maintaining a clean record is crucial for former service members transitioning to civilian careers or pursuing further opportunities within their field.

Legal Strategy

This victory underscores the importance of a thorough defense strategy and the value of leveraging evidence effectively. It sets a precedent, demonstrating that with the right legal representation, individuals can successfully navigate first-time DWI charges and their associated penalties.

Inspiration for Others

Our client’s success story serves as a beacon of hope for others facing similar legal challenges. It showcases the power of dedicated legal support and provides a roadmap for those seeking to overcome their own legal hurdles.

We are proud to have played a pivotal role in our client’s legal victory and look forward to continuing to provide exceptional legal representation. If you or someone you know is facing a DWI charge, we invite you to reach out to our experienced team for a consultation.

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About The Attorney

Jacob Blizzard Criminal Defense Attorney

Jacob Blizzard is board certified in both criminal law and criminal appellate law.

He regularly practices in the areas of state and federal criminal defense, criminal appeals, post conviction writs of habeas corpus.

In Texas, there are more than 100,000 attorneys licensed to practice, but only 7,450 are board certified.

In the entire State of Texas, as of the 2019 certification year by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, there were only 87 attorneys board certified in both criminal law and criminal appellate law, making Mr. Blizzard one of 0.087% of attorneys in Texas to hold both of those certifications.


There are a variety of laws and consequences for DWI cases in Texas. Attorney Jacob Blizzard works tirelessly to achieve the greatest possible results for each of our clients and their families. This is DWI conviction case is one of his successful results, settlements, and verdicts. Every case and client is unique and depends upon the individual facts and circumstances of each case. Clients may or may not obtain the same or similar results in each case.