RESULTS: Multiple Felonies – Plea Bargain

Law enforcement was investigating our client for a number of felony charges.

Ultimately the cops convinced parole to issue a hold for a violation because of the new allegations.

The client’s court-appointed attorney had the “wait & see” approach by indicating nothing could be done in the case until the grand jury returned an indictment.

All this despite the client being held in jail, away from her loved ones, with no hope for a case review for months.

A case review hearing is a pretrial hearing that takes place to see if the charges against the defendant can be resolved without a trial.

Our criminal defense attorney engaged the District Attorney’s Office immediately.

He obtained evidence.

Met with client multiple times at the detention center.

Our attorney demanded additional evidence from the state.

He ultimately negotiated a pre-indictment plea bargain offer the client directed us to accept on her behalf.

This plea bargain eliminated two other felony charges.

It also returned the client’s property.

Our criminal defense attorney resolved this matter in 1 month & 10 days.

-August 2021[/column]


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