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After 20 years on death row, Clinton Young walked out of the Midland County Detention Center on January 20, 2022 after posting a $150,000 bond that was crowdfunded.

Clinton Young Free on BondThe murder conviction reversal in the Clinton Young case out of Midland County, Texas offers hope to loved ones of those incarcerated in Texas state Prisons.

It also offers hope to over 300 people who were convicted of criminal charges in Midland County over the last 20 years.

It also offers hope to you if you have loved one incarcerated in a Texas prison.

A September 2021 Texas Court of Criminal appeals action vacated his conviction and death sentence.

Clinton’s case has some broad implications for those who have been convicted in Midland County.

It also has implications for ANYONE seeking freedom from Texas prisons using the 11.07 writ of habeas corpus process.

In the Clinton Young case, a series of legal actions, along with an investigation into financial records by the Midland County District Attorney, revealed a serious problem.

Here have more details on the Clinton Young Case and what it can mean for your loved one in prison.

The Texas Attorney General Prosecutor Assistance Division has now been appointed as the prosecution for his re-trial.

Check out attorney Jacob Blizzard’s video posts on the appeal process and the impact it had on the Clinton Young case.

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