RESULTS: Felony Drug Case Reduced

Our client was staring down the barrel of 5 to 99 years to life in prison because of the first-degree felony drug offense type & the amount of drugs.

Here at Blizzard and Zimmerman Attorneys, we not only work with clients to address issues that led to their arrest BUT we also challenge case weaknesses at the same time.

We do this in an effort to get our clients the best possible result.

Here, we found the weaknesses, explored alternative options.

We were able to not only REDUCE the offense from a first-degree felony BUT also ensured our client did not receive a felony conviction.

We accomplished this result by:

  • Reviewing hours of evidence.
  • Making numerous contacts with the state.
  • Diligently investigating issues that impacted our client’s case.

We continue to show the attorneys and staff here at Blizzard & Zimmerman have the tenacity and dedication to give all of our client’s cases the time and attention they require.

-August 2021


Blizzard and Zimmerman Attorneys work tirelessly to achieve the greatest possible results for each of our clients and their families. This is one of our successful results, settlements, and verdicts. Every case and client is unique and depends upon the individual facts and circumstances of each case. Clients may or may not obtain the same or similar results in each case.