RESULTS: An Ad Litem Investigates

Dax regularly represents children in Texas Child Protective Services (CPS) cases as part of his law practice.

The Texas Family Code requires the Court to appoint an attorney and guardian Ad litem (attorney & advocate for the case) for the child in certain situations when CPS engages a family for services or removes a child from their home.

An Attorney Ad Litem (AAL) is a lawyer for the case and Dax chooses to represent children as a “kid lawyer” in these cases.

Many people are shocked to find out these children have an advocate, which Dax believes, who is the child’s voice.

An AAL shouldn’t just stand by and go with the flow of CPS or other attorneys but should:

  • Actively investigate,
  • Check on the clients in different settings,
  • Question everything & everyone,
  • And ensure the child’s “voice” is heard.

Dax’s weekend investigation efforts yielded fruitful information and insight into the family dynamic and he was successfully able to petition the Court for appropriate changes to advocate for his clients.

At Blizzard and Zimmerman, we are each passionate about different areas of the law and are committed to compassionate representation.

-April 2022[/column]

About The Attorney

Dax Pueschel Criminal Defense Attorney

Dax Pueschel believes that effective counsel consists not only of prudent resolution of your legal needs but personally tailored service from an attorney who advocates from your perspective.

He knows that having an attorney who understands you and your personal circumstances—not just your legal issue—makes a significant difference in your experience with the legal system and your case resolution.


Attorney Dax Pueschel works tirelessly to achieve the greatest possible results for each of our clients and their families. This is one of his successful results, settlements, and verdicts. Every case and client is unique and depends upon the individual facts and circumstances of each case. Clients may or may not obtain the same or similar results in each case.

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