RESULTS: The client was arrested for felony DWI & was carrying her pistol upon arrest.

Her driver’s license was suspended by DPS through their civil suspension penalties when law enforcement confirms an individual may have been driving while intoxicated.

Blizzard and Zimmerman’s criminal defense attorneys reviewed the police video & offense report evidence with the client got her on an action plan of steps she could take to improve her life & potential case outcome, and worked with the District Attorney’s Office to come up with an agreement that was tailored to our client’s progress.

We also strategically filed and were granted an Occupational Driver’s License right after the main court setting so the client was lawfully able to drive again.

At Blizzard and Zimmerman Attorneys, we’re about positive life change, holding the government accountable to their allegations, & resolving our clients’ practical problems to get them back on their feet to a better life.

-August 2021


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