Our attorney represented a child in a CPS case & where the state of Texas sought to keep the child in state care despite progress from the parent because the progress didn’t equal perfection.

Part of an ad litem’s (meaning, an attorney for the case) job is to represent the child’s goals & objectives so long as those goals are non-injurious to the child & reunification with the parent is in the child’s best interest.

An ad litem should NOT always go with the flow of what the state is doing.

Here, despite state resistance, our attorney litigated against the state & secured a WIN for the child to return home the same week.

At Blizzard and Zimmerman Attorneys, we appreciate the work CPS, 2INgage, & other affiliates do to protect our children.

BUT we also value freedom & parental constitutional rights.

Being a parent is hard & none of us are perfect in application.

In this case, the parent wasn’t perfect but had shown diligence & effort in changing things so she can reunite with her daughter.


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