RESULTS: Avoiding Criminal Convictions.

The sad truth about our legal system is that we start looking at people as “cases” & forget that stories matter.

This month, our firm zealously represented a client faced with a repeat allegation.

She was quickly labeled as a “repeat offender” & faced with a conviction.

Our criminal defense team investigated the evidence, weighing the strengths & weaknesses of our case, met with the prosecutor, exchanged records, & told our client’s story—a story beyond the “black & white” of criminal records.

We explained her struggles, childhood, & other relevant facts for consideration.

Our advocacy secured an opportunity for our client to take advantage of community resources, like therapy, education, & support accountability, while simultaneously making a few reports to the state WITHOUT A CONVICTION.

We don’t want the stigma of conviction hanging around our client’s neck.

At Blizzard and Zimmerman Attorneys we believe that stories matter & deserve to be told.



Blizzard and Zimmerman Attorneys work tirelessly to achieve the greatest possible results for each of our clients and their families. This is one of our successful results, settlements, and verdicts. Every case and client is unique and depends upon the individual facts and circumstances of each case. Clients may or may not obtain the same or similar results in each case.