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Secual Abuse

Not Guilty Verdict in a jury trial on mandatory 25-year sentence sexual abuse charges

The client was charged with 3 counts of sex abuse.

Mr. Blizzard defended the Client in a 4-day jury trial against sexual abuse allegations brought by his child’s mother.

Mr. Blizzard confronted the evidence head-on and exposed that the child had fabricated vague allegations of sexual abuse under the mother’s coaching and ensured the jury followed the presumption of innocence, securing a not guilty verdict on all charges.

Motion to Revoke Felony Probation Not True Finding

“Not true” finding in a motion to revoke felony probation where a new sex offense was alleged.

Client was accused of a sexual abuse offense as a violation of his felony probation.

Through a contested trial before the judge, the judge in the case found the allegation “not true.”

Mr. Blizzard vigorously defended the Client in a lengthy proceeding before the judge, where the burden of proof for revocation is a lower preponderance of the evidence rather than beyond a reasonable doubt.

Still, Mr. Blizzard prevailed by presenting conclusive evidence of coaching by the child’s mother and focusing the Court’s attention on the vagueness of the allegations and timeline.