Slip and Fall Attorney

Winter weather does occur in Abilene and the surrounding areas of west Texas and you may need a slip and fall attorney to seek compensation.

Icy conditions result in more business for the doctors and physician assistants at your local emergency centers with people slipping and falling on the ice.

At Blizzard and Zimmerman Attorneys, our experienced slip and fall attorneys know these are serious injuries, and while a video showing a fall may show up on Tick Tok, Snapchat, or Facebook there is nothing is funny about being injured as a result of a fall.

Slip and falls accidents, more commonly known as premises liability accidents, can cause very serious injuries to unsuspecting victims when a person falls on property that has not been properly cleared of ice and snow.

All property owners have an obligation to their guests to keep areas accessible and reasonably safe.

It is normal for folks to have uncertainty and questions about their options. Moving forward in the wake of an accident often means dealing with medical bills, rehabilitation, physical therapy, possibly counseling, and more.

When negligence is the cause, our Abilene slip and fall attorney will fight for justice for all of our Big Country neighbors.

If you have slipped and fallen due to ice conditions or other hazardous conditions you should:

  • If you are injured after falling on snow or ice, make sure you see a doctor as soon as possible.  If you’re hurt make sure you injuries are documented by a medical professional.
  • Take pictures of the dangerous condition at the scene.
  • Fill out an incident report. If you slip and fall in a big box store, mall or other commercial property, make sure you fill out an incident report immediately. Be certain to indicate where you fell, how you fell, the parts of your body that you injured, and the time of the fall.
  • Identify any witnesses to the fall.
  • Call a lawyer.

Our firm slip and fall attorney deals with multiple injuries that are associated with these accidents including:

  • Broken Bones
  • Head injuries, including concussions and traumatic brain injuries
  • Neck and spine injuries
  • Bruises, scrapes, scratches
  • Dislocated hips and knees
  • Torn muscles and ligaments
  • Sprained ankles, knees, shoulders.

These injuries require:

  • Serious medical care
  • Time away from work and family
  • Expenses that you should not have to pay out of pocket after an accident

Icy Busienss Steps
Actual photo of a business’s steps after a winter storm.

At Blizzard and Zimmerman Attorneys our slip and fall attorney will pursue the companies or person who caused your injuries for financial strains imposed on you by their negligence.

As a personal injury attorney, we’d like to hear the details of your situation.

Let’s talk and we can determine whether we can help you overcome the legal hurdles standing in your way.

Call us today to schedule a free consultation to see how we may help you.

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