Enforcement of Child Custody Order


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In Texas, orders regarding the rights and duties of conservators create legal obligations that can lead to severe consequences if violated.

The violation of a court order concerning child conservatorship can be the basis of the following legal actions:

  • A writ of habeas corpus for the return of the child
  • A charge of contempt of court for violating the court’s orders
  • Criminal liability for the crime of parental kidnapping
  • Civil liability for the tort of interference with a parent’s possessory rights

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A court may hold a party in contempt of violating an order for conservatorship if they try to interfere with the other party’s ability to exercise their rights as a conservator.

A Texas court may also enforce conservatorship orders by holding the violator in contempt. Courts can also use their contempt power to enforce child support obligations that have already been determined by the court.

Possible Criminal Action

Texas law prohibits certain acts that may involve the violation of a court order for child custody. Texas Penal Code § 25.03 under Offenses Against the Family recognizes interference with child custody as a criminal offense punishable as a state jail felony.

So there can be serious legal ramifications for persons violating a court order for child custody.

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