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Spence Method Lawyer Training

Criminal Defense Attorney Marshall Magincalda recently completed a 3-week immersive Criminal Law Skills Training Boot Camp with the Jerry Spence organization.

The training took place at Thunderhead Ranch in Dubois, Wyoming.

Gerry Spence is a legendary trial attorney. “The Spence Method” –through creative exploration, courage, and tireless devotion, he developed the method behind his trial process.

Marshall said the intense program featured interaction and training with Spence along with seasoned trial attorneys who have lived the Method.

As part of the method, Magincalda says, he learned the lawyers must learn how to share beyond just transmitting information, but by being real.

Using the methods in a trial situation we were taught, we can build connections during jury selection and then telling the client’s story during the entire proceeding.

Being honest and truthful with those you want to decide in your favor is the backbone of the GSM method according to Marshall.  Marshall says it was an honor to learn from Spence and make some great connections with trial attorneys from around the country who are wanting to continue to do a better job for their clients.

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