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Facing criminal charges can come with harsh life changing consequences.

Seek out an attorney as soon as you can.

If you have had a run in with law enforcement and believe that you might be facing charges in the future then start talking to an attorney right now.

Do not wait until you are actually charged or arrested to get an attorney if you can avoid it.

There are strategies that attorneys can employ to help resolve your legal issue before any charges ever occur.

The longer you wait the fewer options your attorney will have to help you with your troubles.

Even if you are not sure most attorneys will give you a consultation to help advise you of your rights and help you prepare for what’s next.

About The Attorney

Marshall Magincalda

Marshal Magincalda spends the time to focus on your case and analyze ALL the evidence, allowing him to represent you properly and effectively with the respect you deserve. His goal is to represent you aggressively with his and the firm’s experience and knowledge to obtain the best possible result for you. View his profile.

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