Attorney Dax Pueschel has returned from the 45th Tim Evans Texas Criminal Trial College sponsored by the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers, Association. This continuing legal education event took place March 20-25, 2022 at Sam Houston State University Criminal Justice Center in Huntsville, Texas.

45th Tim Evens Criminal Trial CollegeThe College is an intensive six-day program of practice exercises, enhanced by faculty demonstrations and personal supervision.

Dax was among the 80 students from across Texas, who were individually selected to participate in an application and registration process.

A week before the College, students receive course materials simulating a case file, including police reports and witness statements.

Preparation is essential because throughout the week students must try their own case, from jury selection to final argument.

A distinguished faculty member gives a brief lecture on the upcoming segment of the trial. Groups of eight, selected on the basis of experience level, then adjourn to separate classrooms to begin their videotaped exercises.

Faculty members not only supervise the exercises but also critique the video performance with each student.

Then, a faculty member particularly skilled in that area will present a demonstration to the entire group.

About the Attorney

Dax Pueschel Criminal Defense AttorneyDax believes that effective counsel consists not only of prudent resolution of your legal needs but personally tailored service from an attorney who advocates from your perspective.

He is committed to providing excellent service, efficiency, and value.

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