Taylor County Detention Center Attorney Visit

Attorney Dax Pueschel met with clients this morning at Taylor County Jail at about 6 AM to discuss their cases, go over evidence, & talk about potential options.

He was then at the Taylor County Courthouse by 8 AM to meet with the Taylor County prosecutors. At Blizzard & Zimmerman, we’re not confined to an 8 am-5 pm and we don’t believe in sitting around sipping coffee to 9 am.

If you or a loved one is looking for a diligent criminal attorney ready to take care of business no matter what it takes, call Blizzard & Zimmerman Attorneys.



About The Attorney

Dax Pueschel Criminal Defense Attorney

Dax Pueschel believes that effective counsel consists not only of prudent resolution of your legal needs but personally tailored service from an attorney who advocates from your perspective.

He knows that having an attorney who understands you and your personal circumstances—not just your legal issue—makes a significant difference in your experience with the legal system and your case resolution.


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