Here at Blizzard and Zimmerman Attorneys law firm we practice Holystic Lawyering with our criminal law practice. So what is Holystic Lawyering??

• Holistic lawyering is about treating the WHOLE PERSON, not just the legal problem.
• We care about the PERSON who enters our office at Blizzard & Zimmerman, not just the legal issue.
• We target root issues in our representation to HELP clients leave better than when they entered.
• Our representation doesn’t just include legal defense & strategy but also an interview targeted at personal behavior, struggles, habits, hang-ups, addictions, needs, & other factors which contribute or are collateral to someone’s legal problems.
• We link our community with professionals in the area to target underlying trauma.
• We make referrals to local resources in the community, like but not limited to: professional counselors; mental health providers; transitional housing; drug testing; community service; recovery & addiction meetings; online accountability resources; cognitive-behavioral education courses; parenting courses; marriage counseling/therapy; anger management; BIPP; DOEP; DWI & DWI ROE; marijuana education; mentoring; transportation; medical services; providers who counsel those with anxiety & depression, & more.
• We believe that the mind, body, & spirit being unified is important for holistic health & so we encourage a healthy diet, productive relationships, exercise, accountability, structure, support, employment, volunteering/service, moderation, being in nature for sunshine & fresh air, taking in healthy information from books & podcasts, meditating, maintaining healthy sleep patterns, & generally engaging life by enjoying the simple things which are key to a WHOLE & HEALTHY PERSON.
• Finally, we believe in redemption & that we are not our worst decisions. Everyone has a story. We all need love & acceptance. We’re here to encourage healthy lifestyles & uplift those from broken generational cycles & remind them they are overcomers!

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