Winning Freedom from Prison


Did your loved one face any of these challenges?

  • They have been burned by lawyers.
  • They had bad lawyers, bad representation.
  • They were a minor tried as an adult.
  • There was prosecutorial misconduct.
  • They pled guilty involuntarily.
  • Their prosecutors hid evidence that would have benefitted them (Brady violations).
  • The victim of the crime lied.
  • There were violations of Due Process.

The 11.07 Writ of Habeas Corpus Course Can Lead to Freedom in Texas

Board Certified Criminal Appellate Law - Criminal Law

Learn From a Specialist

Course Director, Attorney Jacob Blizzard is Board Certified in Criminal Appeals and Board Certified in Criminal Law. He built this course out of his own practice in criminal writ work and teaches his students how to be successful for their loved ones’ writ applications.

Writ Course Content Library

Comprehensive & Detailed Content

Course content covers the 11.07 post-conviction writ process from start to finish with 80+ separate lessons with videos explaining, in an understandable way, walking through virtually every scenario.

Writ Research

Learn by Example

This 11.07 Writ of Habeas Corpus Do-It-Yourself Course includes: documents, research, and materials from Blizzard & Zimmerman’s actual post-conviction writ practice as examples and go-bys for students to use to and adapt to their cases.

Facebook Masterclass Meeting

Weekly Private Masterclass Meetings

Submit questions you have as you move through the course! Each week you have the opportunity to visit live with the attorney instructors who answer everyone’s questions in a private Zoom meeting with other course students, great camaraderie as well!

11.07 Writ of Habeas Corpus Masterclass Group

Exclusive Masterclass Group

Join a community of others who are helping seek freedom for their loved ones who are going through the same struggle. Get daily assistance from attorney writ instructors in the members-only Masterclass Facebook Group and live weekly Masterclass Zoom Meetings.

Brief Bank

Optional Add-Ons

The Brief Bank has useful applications, briefs, motions, and other documents used by Blizzard & Zimmerman in its ongoing writ practice. Do a deep dive into your application with a discounted two-hour one-on-one strategy session or writ review.

A Course for Non-lawyers
Based on our successful writ practice

Jacob Blizzard Board Certified Attorney

Jacob Blizzard
Board Certified Criminal Law
Criminal Appellate Law

What’s this course all about?

Hello there, Attorney Jacob Blizzard here.

I’m recognized by the State Bar of Texas Board of Legal Specialization as a criminal law and criminal appeal specialist…one of only 87 attorneys (out of 100,000 attorneys in the entire state) to have both certifications. I’m also Capital Murder Appellate List Qualified here in the Texas 7th Judicial Region.

We have expended enormous time and resources to make this course something that is affordable and can actually give everyone the best chance of freeing your loved one from prison without a lawyer. In Texas hiring a writ lawyer can cost from $20,000 to $30,0000. This course is reasonably priced, comprehensive, and guides you through the 11.07 writ of habeas corpus process here in Texas from start to finish with experienced writ attorneys assisting along the way.

Just a few of our successful writ cases that have been handled our writ attorneys are outlined at this link.

There are many people out that that appear to be trying to help you and free your loved one from prison, when in fact their sole goal is to make money and do nothing for you.

Our goal with this course was to provide the best training, make it affordable and help as many people as possible navigate the writ process and the legal system when you can’t afford to spend a ton of money hiring an attorney. If you have any questions email me directly at today.

You do have to be willing to put in the work and energy to learn the 11.07 writ of habeas corpus application process.  This process works for all types of state cases and felony charges in Texas.

Our dedicated writ attorneys have used an enormous amount of time and resources to create an affordable alternative for you that can actually give you the best chance of freeing your loved one from prison without a lawyer.

11.07 writ of habeas corpus course

This course is comprehensive and covers the 11.07 writ of habeas corpus process here in Texas from start to finish.

There are over 80 individual video topics in the course.

There is so much to this course, and it’s been so exciting, but exhausting for my team to put this all together.

The instructional video sessions range in topics from gathering the records you need, issue spotting, how to prepare the writ application, and what to do after you file your application.

You also get to attend Weekly Zoom Meeting Question and Answer Sessions with our writ attorneys, no law clerks or paralegals, to help you understand the material, walk through difficult concepts, and how to use what you are learning.

There are no tests!

You move through the content at your own pace going back and forth through some of the videos to re-enforce learning of the content and review the techniques that are used by our attorneys in our writ practice.

As an added bonus we have our Course Members’ Exclusive Masterclass private Facebook Group along with weekly Zoom meetings where our writ attorneys are LIVE and answer your questions about your case as you work your way through the course. You are not alone!

You have ongoing interaction with our 11.07 writ of habeas corpus attorney instructors who assist you in understanding the legal process and materials.

Course Content – Over 80 videos and Go-Bys

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The Overall Process of the 11.07 Writ of Habeas Corpus
  • Record Gathering
  • Identifying Issues
  • Thinking Outside the Box
  • Legal Research and Writing
  • Preparing the 11.07 Writ of Habeas Corpus Application
  • Preparing the Brief in Support of the 11.07 Writ of Habeas Corpus Application
  • Scientific Writs
  • After You’ve Filed the Application
  • After the Hearing
  • The Process at the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals
  • Preparing a Subsequent Writ Application
  • Federal Review (If You 11.07 Writ of Habeas Corpus Application was Denied)
  • Access to ALL recordings of the weekly Masterclass Group Meetings since the course was launched. This is where the attorneys answer questions from students.

These folks are in the course working to free their loved ones:

Hear from Myka…




Hear from Kara…




Hear from Jacob on why he created this course:




You don’t have to hire an attorney or spend a ton of money to win freedom.

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You have one year’s access to the course materials and Masterclass meetings plus recordings from the date of purchase. We’ve made it affordable. If you Google “How much does a writ attorney cost in Texas” you’ll see a figure of $20,000 to $30,000 dollars to hire an attorney.

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